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Eco Baby Planet nipple balm

Happy Nips, Happy Mums! Nipple Balm FAQ

100% Organic + Edible Nipple Balm: Your Essential Breastfeeding Companion

Heya mums and mums-to-be! 
This little legend  in my hand is raising A LOT of interest! 
So many questions being asked that I thought I would do a little FAQ to answer them:
Q: What are the main benefits of using a nipple balm?
A: Our nipple balm helps to relieve dryness, irritation, and discomfort associated with breastfeeding. It nourishes and moisturises the skin, promoting healing and preventing cracking or chapping.
Q: What ingredients are found in the Eco Baby Planet organic nipple balm?
A: Our nipple balms is made of 100% organic components specifically formulated to soothe and protect sensitive nipple skin during breastfeeding. It contains plant oils (coconut extract, extra virgin olive oil, shea butter), beeswax, and herbal extracts known for their soothing and healing properties (calendula, marshmallow).
Q: Is the Eco Baby Planet nipple balm safe for both mum and baby?
A: Absolutely! It's been specifically designed for breastfeeding, ensuring that it doesn't contain any harmful substances or allergens. Moreover, our edible-safe formula means that your baby can safely feed without any concerns. Imagine the convenience of not having to wipe off the balm before nursing? We made it happen!
Q: How should organic nipple balm be used?
A: Gently dab a small quantity of balm onto the nipples and surrounding areas as often as necessary or at least after each feed.  It can be applied to broken skin and cracked nipples. And remember: no need to wash it off before nursing, it is edible and safe for baby.
Q: Can your nipple balm be used during pregnancy?
A: Definitely! As a matter of fact, we recommend to start on your 3rd trimester of pregnancy, to help prepare your nipples for breastfeeding.
Q: Can your nipple balm be used for other purposes?
A: Yes! And that's the beauty of it:  its soothing and moisturizing properties make it versatile. It can be used for dry skin, chapped lips, cuticle care, or as a general moisturiser for sensitive areas (stretch marks, C-section scars etc.). It also does wonders as bum balm for baby! 

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