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Hi, I'm Celine!

French, Wife and Mum of 2 babies (one of them is furry ūüź∂ ).

I live and breathe for the 2 humans in this picture but I'm also - oh so very! - passionate about my business and its purpose.

It all started when I was breastfeeding my daughter - I noticed that the traditional breastfeeding products available were not sustainable, and the amount of waste generated bothered me. Disposable pads and plastic packaging would end up in landfills and harm the environment.

This led me to search for eco-friendly alternatives that were both good for my baby and the planet. I found that organic and biodegradable materials were the best option for sustainability, but the choices were limited.

This is when the idea of creating my own line of eco-friendly breastfeeding products was born. I was determined to provide other mums like me with sustainable and safe options for breastfeeding, without sacrificing quality and comfort.

After extensive research and development, I launched my business, offering a range of eco-friendly breastfeeding products made from organic materials, but also reusable and multi-purpose whenever possible.

My products are designed to be comfortable, effective, and environmentally friendly, reflecting my commitment to making a positive impact on the planet while providing the best care for babies and their mummy.

Today, I am proud to have built a brand that aligns with my values of sustainability and motherhood.

Through my business, I hope to inspire other mothers to join me in my mission towards a more sustainable future for our babies and the planet.

By choosing eco-friendly sustainable products, we can make a positive difference and create a better world for future generations, one baby step at a time.


Celine x

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