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nursing cover as a play mat

6 Creative Ideas for Utilising and Reusing Your Nursing Cover

A nursing cover is an essential accessory for breastfeeding mothers, providing privacy and comfort while nursing in public. However, its usefulness need not be limited to this purpose alone. In this blog, we will explore five innovative ideas on how to utilise and reuse your nursing cover beyond its traditional role, adding versatility to this multi-purpose breastfeeding accessory.


1. Car Seat or Pram Cover:

Typically something that all the mums should do: repurpose your nursing cover as a car seat or pram cover. The lightweight fabric of our nursing cover makes it an ideal shield against the sun, wind, or even light rain. By using your nursing cover in this way, you can protect your child from the elements while still ensuring proper air circulation and visibility. Perfect for a nap on the go!


2. Beach or Picnic Blanket:

Our nursing cover has a generous size, making it perfect for transforming into a beach or picnic blanket. Take advantage of its softness and portability by laying it out on the sand or grass for a comfortable lounging experience. The fabric will protect your baby or toddler from the rough ground, making it an excellent addition to your outdoor adventures.


3. Nursing Pillow Cover:

Another creative way to repurpose your nursing cover is by using it as a cover for your nursing pillow. Nursing pillows are designed to provide support during breastfeeding, and with a nursing cover serving as a cover, you can it from stains. Simply slip the nursing cover over the pillow and secure it in place. This way, you can continue to enjoy the benefits of your nursing pillow even after your breastfeeding journey ends.


4. DIY Baby Carrier Cover:

If you're using a baby carrier to keep your little one close, repurposing your nursing cover as a baby carrier cover can offer added protection and privacy. Simply drape the nursing cover over the baby carrier, making sure it is securely fastened and the baby has proper airflow. This way, you can shield your child from direct sunlight, wind, or curious onlookers while keeping them comfortable and secure.

5. Nursing Cover:

Give your nursing cover a new purpose by transforming it into a convenient changing mat. When you're on the go with your little one, finding a clean and comfortable surface for diaper changes can be a challenge. That's when your nursing cover can come to the rescue. Lay it flat on any surface, whether it's a public restroom changing table or a park bench, to create a clean and cozy area for diaper changes. The soft and breathable fabric of the nursing cover provides a gentle space for your baby while protecting them from direct contact with potentially unclean surfaces. When not in use, simply fold it up and tuck it into your nappy bag for easy storage and quick access. By repurposing your nursing cover as a changing mat, you can ensure cleanliness and comfort for your little one wherever you go.

5. Trolley Cover:

One additional creative use for your nursing cover is to repurpose it as a trolley cover. When you're out shopping or running errands with your little one, shopping carts and trolleys can be a breeding ground for germs. By using your nursing cover as a trolley cover, you can create a protective barrier between your baby and the cart's surfaces. Simply stretch the nursing cover over the handle and seat area of the trolley, ensuring a snug fit. This way, you can shield your child from potential dirt, bacteria, and sharp edges while providing them with a clean and comfortable space to sit. The lightweight and easily washable fabric of our breastfeeding cover makes it a convenient choice for this purpose. 

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